Love Letters

Goodness Will Pass Before Your Eyes

A love letter from the Father



Keep in mind what I promised to you and take shelter under the support of My personal love. I won’t let you get hurt and you will not be abandoned. Instead, you are going higher-flying up like a bird!


Don’t look at the pain that was before. Just abandon yourself to My love and trust My words to hold you steady. Your dream is coming true–and much sooner than you thought that it would. 


Take a deep breath and let’s go all in! Run forward with a giant leap of faith–like a paraglider leaping off a mountain ridge to be lifted higher. 


I am right here by your side and I will ensure that these things turn out better than you hoped or asked. So let go of your doubts, fears, and worries and prepare to soar into a rainbow of fulfillment! 


I have drawn you close under My wings of blessing, like a paraglider resting under a canopy in the sky. I am making My goodness pass before your eyes and you will be treated with generous attention from My kindness and help. 


You are going to see your prayers coming to life–in ways that you never imagined they could! Pray with big confidence and trust in My involvement. If you believe that it is already yours, then it will happen for you. 


My presence is here holding every detail together and I will be the thermal updraft that lifts you higher. I know you even better than you know yourself. You can count on everything to be just as you desired~


Relax into My ever-present care and be expecting to see something wondrously good. I have already placed you on top of this situation and you are going to indulge in a newfound place of plentiful freedom.


Just as a Tsunami wave gets higher when it reaches the shallow waters, I am using this time of low-level hardship to reveal the magnificent power of My bountiful blessings showing up to drench you with loving support.


Keep watching for good news to arrive–like a paraglider gazing over the open blue skies. You can’t beat the view of what is about to arrive! 


I am going to show up to meet your expectations. You’ll ascend up the windward slopes in an effortless flow of My lavish provisions. Out of nowhere and unplanned–you’ll be really blessed–and blessed better than you ever had! 


You’ll soar into a rainbow of a promise fulfilled and I will do amazing things that you did not expect or believe that I would. I’ll take you by surprise–as My goodness passes right before your eyes! 




Scribed by Dannette Ward


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