Love Letters

Frosty Relief

A love letter from the Father


Quiet now, My dear heart. Take a deep breath and calm down. Don’t be scared or in despair by the troubles that surround you–because I am right beside you to help. 


It may feel like the better parts of your life are over and gone––but the best is still yet to come. This time is going to be extra special and everything is going to turn out well. As a matter of fact–things will be just as you hoped that they would. 


Allow Me to hold you close and care for your needs. I will cradle you in My love–and alleviate your pain. I’ll cool you down from the pressures and pain, like hydrotherapy providing anxiety and depression relief. 


The promise that is hidden within you is coming out. You will be filled with more than you thought–like a mother in labor who discovers unlocked strength within herself. 


The more you were afflicted, the more you will be blessed. Like when water ice gets placed under too much pressure and rearranges itself into different patterns, the pressure that has opposed My promise is causing you to see dramatic results. 


The sad part of the story is not where you end up. I have saved My best-kept beauty for you now! I will show you wonders that exceed all that you have known, like the hidden beauty of diamond dust crystals in the snow. 


The greatest moments of your life are going to appear, as I draw out the loveliness that was secretly stored within. I will do more than you ever thought possible, as I reveal hidden water bubbles secretly stored within diamond clusters. 


There are hidden miracles that are going to emerge from the inside out–like water ice trapped in the rigid construction of a diamond formed way deep under pressure in the Earth’s crust. 


This is not a time for sadness and despair–this is a time where I show and tell with wonderful results! Forget your worries and relax in My care. I will deliver frosty relief from the heat of this trial. 


I’ll show you unconcealed treasures beyond your wildest dreams, like finding abundant hidden water from the solar system. Like discovering diamonds extracted from the ice moon of Europa or along the ocean floor of Titan–you’ll suddenly see a change of frosty relief to alleviate all pain. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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