Love Letters

You Will Rise with a Vengeance

A love letter from Jesus



Remember that I look to the heart and not the past behaviors. To whom is forgiven much–loves much–and I know how deep you love Me. Surrender to grace and don’t worry about what anyone thinks. You are the Righteousness of God with a new and honorable name. 


Although an unfavorable image was once created of you–those unlovely things are no longer true for you. It is perfectly human to make mistakes and sometimes past trauma and pain can cause people to do unappealing things.


The past is over and it is time to break up with the old wounds and the mistakes that were made. Align yourself with the worthiness that you are as My beloved and put the crown back on your head. What you have been through is not who you are–so don’t carry that trauma with you anymore. 


See who you are when you look into My eyes! I will show the world how much I love you as I fiercely protect your honorable place. Smile and stand tall–you are fully accepted by Me–and that is all that matters. 


The opinions of others are not your problem anymore. Their personal judgments towards you are only bringing judgment upon themselves. Your enemies will deeply regret holding grudges against you. 


I am the only Judge–and I have already declared, “Not guilty! This one is covered by My grace and love”. Relax and look at your blessings–you have favor with God and with men! 


I have cleared your name and have given you extraordinary favor and grace. You are no longer a victim of the past or the bad choices that were made. Move through the mud of what was and go beyond the fears of what others will think. 


It’s time to rewrite the story. Take it one step at a time, like a sea star putting one foot in front of the other to pull himself along. You will never walk through that hardship again and I will cause the old image of you to be replaced with your Divine transformation of My love. 


I will help you move into the new and you’ll be adorned with spectacular rubies, diamonds, and exquisite gems. Like a sea star–one of the most beautiful creatures in the Ocean–you will become well known for the beauty that you are becoming. 


What feels like a depressing place to end up is really the hidden beginning to a fresh start. I have given you a second chance to be all that you dream, like a sea star regenerating new limbs. 


The place of your attack will be the place where I bless you immensely. Be who you are and shine like a star! You can have the life of your dreams. From the times of filth and pain, a lovely new life is starting to emerge. 


It’s time to celebrate how far you have come and become excited about the spectacular heights that stand before you. Not only will you bounce back from the pit–but you will dramatically transform and rise powerfully with a vengeance. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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