Love Letters

Even Better

A love letter from the Father


Don’t panic over your needs or worry so much about what could happen. I have always been there to take care of you and deliver what was promised. Get your eyes off of how this looks and remember My vows to provide and protect. 


Inhale real big and let your shoulders relax. Take a moment to rest and get your mind off all of your stress. I have already gone before you to make the path safe and I have surrounded you in protective love to shelter you from your enemies. 


Every detail of your life has a plan to give you the sweet outcome of goodness. I have never missed a moment and I never will. Shake off the pressure of needing to labor for this promise. My gift is a gift of unconditional love and affection. 


Ignore those horrible thoughts of what you fear or dread. Nothing has the power to hurt you. As you resist those unwanted things, they will move on and go away. I will comfort you with the opposite of what you fear being done. 


You’ll see that My personal support is even better than you think. I will always take care of you and provide for you–even when you are sleeping. 


The power of My promise will emerge to be all that you need! Soon you will see that it is much bigger than you ever thought and so much more than you believed. 


Change the way that you think. You are no longer unable to help yourself or in need. You are no longer plagued with troubles, but you are blessed, beautiful, and endlessly abundant! 


I am always watching over you to generously provide all that you need. I am holding you tight and I will never fail to support you or let you down. Although you have witnessed My love in action for you–you haven’t seen anything yet. 


I am giving you the encounter that you need as I bless you in a way that is even better than what you have seen. I am going to captivate you with a blessing so big that it will be scary–like butterflies that twirl and flutter in your belly. 


You’ll feel like you are a child again as I lift you to unexplored heights. This won’t be like anything before–it will be even better! You’ll be awestruck and excited for more. 





Scribed by Dannette Ward

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