Love Letters

Beneath the Waves

A love letter from Jesus




Things are not how you think. Even though the wind is raging and the waves are high, there will be no bad outcomes for you, and My promise to bless you will not lie.  


Those worries will not come true. The howling winds move across the sea’s surface, pulling upon the upper layers of water. The winds bash against the water, creating false waves of fear that try to grow taller. 


The wind pushes against the water, causing it to pile up into hills of high pressure. The waves beat against the shore, trying to wreak havoc on the shoreline. The waves threaten to crash over you with negative outcomes–but don’t be afraid–because that will never happen. 


Deep down beneath the waves, there is a sweet oasis of peace and pleasure. Beneath the waves is where the truth of this situation abides and takes over. There is a quiet calm of certainty in the promise that I have given. 


Like a shark escaping the storm, dive deeper from your worries and swim farther away from the threatening onslaught of pain. Take a deep breath and let’s swim under the choppy waves and chaotic emotions on the surface. 


Lay your head upon My shoulder and allow Me to carry the weight of what you are dreading. Open your heart trust that I will never hurt you. Trade the chaos of worries in for a much happier ending. 


Allow Me to comfort you from your fears and heal what has been broken. Lean into Me with absolute trust and confidence. Think about what you hope to be done and rest in that as your peaceful outcome. 


What is there to be afraid of or who? Be confident in My all-present and all-knowing love. I am the One who protects and comforts you all around. I am your rescuing Knight and the One who shows up to help. 


Let go of all that you fear and allow yourself to sink into the soft solace that is beneath the waves and in the deepest water. Feel the softness of My embrace and remember that you are safe. 


Forget the anguish of the past and forgive those who caused you harm. Release yourself from the trauma and believe that things can be new today–it is true–nothing is like how it was. 


Focus on My protective love, as your respirations slow and your body begins to relax. Feel the soft calm of being safe underwater and no longer pushed around by the waves from above. 


I know you inside and out and I will never lead you into harm. You can count on My presence to protect you from danger. As your personal Hero–I will never let you down. You can plan on getting the opposite of what you fear. I will show you the most incredible love at all times.


You’ll discover My love showing up to bless you in the most unexpected places and right before your eyes. Instead of what you fear taking place, you’ll be scooping up enormous pearls and glittering ocean treasures. 




Scribed by Dannette Lynn Ward


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