Love Letters

A Rescue and Surprise

A love letter from Jesus



I understand it can be hard to breathe from the pressure and the panic that comes when facing danger and death. Remember all that I have done for you and how I have carried you until now.


Embrace the pain for a moment and face it head-on. Get the tears out and come back to the promise that I made all along. Look up with courage and be confident in My loving support. 


I have plans to give you the outcome that you hope for. Remember your anchor of hope and let My promise be your solace of peace in the storm. It’s time to let those burdens go and trust in My ever-present help. 


Breathe in deeply and loosen your grip on what you are needing. Exhale out your worries–and let go. Don’t overthink this, just rest in My loving arms. My love will save the day and turn things around. 


I’d do anything to relieve your anguish and answer your cries. I’ll pull back the skies with My own hands and I’ll organize an army of stars to march across the dark sky. 


Although it seems like you are surrounded on all sides, I will create an opening to help you. I’ll make things better instantly! Yes, I will make this path straight and level. The darkness has already been defeated–despite how it seems. 


I am your Safetower–and a Knight in shining armor. I’ll lift you up above all disaster, I’ll save you! Don’t worry I have a fail-proof plan. I’ll show up to comfort you and make sure that you are blessed and happy. 


Take your mind off the pain and focus on My promise. Only think about what you hope for and fall with trust into My arms. I’ll rescue you–that’s a promise! Hope for the very best and be ready for an unexpected surprise. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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