Love Letters

Easy Victory

A love letter from the Father



Slow your breathing and relax, as I refresh your memory of all that I have done. In all that you have been through, I have never walked off or left you–I have never let you down. 


Although your faith has been tested thoroughly, I have heard your cries for relief. You endured the heat of the flames and the pressures of the floods. You faced many dangers, but now I am bringing you out. 


Don’t worry, you are not moving back into sorrow, but you are increasing from glory to more glory. You’ll experience complete relief, as you bask in the stunning beauty of the rich and abundant land. 


Continue to stir your faith as the unimaginable becomes real. You’ll effortlessly scoop up blessings, as you float in the azure blue waters of My tangible words. 


Don’t be afraid–you won’t be disappointed. I am holding you up with My strong right hand and I have given you an easy victory and armloads of blessings. 


I have taken down your enemies with My shimmering power and caused those things that resisted you to sink like a rock under the roaring ocean waters. 


I’ve never quit loving you and My generosity towards you will never run out! This is not a drought anymore–expect to be fully immersed with My love in the full view of all who watch. 


I am opening up a joyful relief–with doors that no man can dare to shut. You’ll have plenty–even more than you expect. I’m giving you both wealth and glory–and things that you didn’t ask for too! 


Your trust in Me has left a mark and I am raising you up in the palm of My hand. The rains of abundance are putting out the flames and I’ll continue to fill you up until every worry is completely rinsed out. 


I am giving you an easy victory, where you can unwind beside the spring-fed waters. You basically don’t need to move a muscle, but just float in the strong and safe support of My love. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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