Love Letters

Here Comes the First Wave


A love letter from the Father




Darling child, why be troubled and cry? Don’t be afraid, only keep believing that something miraculous is about to happen. Relax, everything is going to be okay.


Take in a deep breath and exhale out the tensions from stress. Breathe, everything has been coming together, even though you didn’t notice it. 


I have been moving quietly in front of you to break open a way that you didn’t see to show My loving support. Trust in My power and desire to help you. 


Remember how far I have taken you. Really, bask in the happy memories and embrace each celebration. I have always been there for you and I always will. 


Allow Me to carry you and deliver you from the exhaustion. I am bringing a rich recovery to you, My dear, as if nothing had been wasted or lost. 


How truly I love you! I’ll be the best friend that you need and give you blessings through everything that you do. Move through the things that you fear and expect My tangible love to be what you experience. 


I have made a contract with you to provide for you and protect you in every circumstance. I will never, under any circumstances, desert you or leave you without support. 


I’ll overcompensate you with extra support for facing difficulties and I will show up to cover you in any way that you need it. 


If you make decisions by negative thoughts and emotions then you welcome negative things into your life. If you let fear control your decisions then you let doubt control your life. Loosen yourself from every worry and have absolute faith!


Always move and think from being My deeply loved and favored child. Trust that I will always be there to give you the outcome that you hope. 


Open your heart to trust in My devotion to you. I see everything that you are doing to trust Me and I am overjoyed by your persistence to not give up. There will be an immediate reward for your trust and your hopeful expectation will not be cut off. 


I am lifting you out of the low levels of living and I am placing you into a place of ease and plenty. I am pouring out high waves of support to water the parched place of constant suffering. 


You’ll be raised up from that place of grief and I’ll abort the plots of your resistant enemies. I’ll take you by surprise and cause you to forget your anguish and toil. You’ll be blessed with double prosperity in the place of your sorrow and sweat. 


Dry your eyes, My child. A wave of loving support is on the way to make up for the bad times. You’ll start to see the best times, as My Sovereign rule causes you to get drenched in blessings. 


Wild ocean waves of My intentional love are about to arrive. Here comes the first wave of a loaded abundance. Yes, I am on My way and that’s not all! Waves are coming back to back– with more and more waves to follow after that. 





Scribed by Dannette Ward









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