Love Letters

To Show You How Much You Are Loved


A love letter from the Father




You will weep no longer, My lovely child. I will be gracious to answer your cries for help. Don’t be afraid, My dear little one. How truly I love you! I will remember to take care of you and show you how much you are loved. 


You are like a treasured flower that I protect. Even though the past has been unkind to you, allow yourself to be vulnerable to trust Me, as you put your guard down. I will hold you with all of My strength and I will not allow you to fall. My love will never fail you–in no way at all! 


I can take the weight off of your shoulders and lift the pain away. I will help you breathe easy and give you comfort from suffering. Just take a deep breath and let Me take over. Rise up in confidence and rest, like a hydrangea growing upwards as she clings to the Vine. 


I am with you and I have every detail planned out. Allow Me to calm your anxieties, as you relax here and rest in My vows. Remember how I have stayed with you through the years and how I have come through in the most difficult places. I will help you again and serve you an eloquent feast in the center of this hardship. 


Like a hydrangea flower that means ‘water vessel’ in Ancient Greek, I will flow through your place of need with My ever-present love. The weaker you feel, the stronger you become! My power flourishes in your place of need and lack. 


You never need to be afraid, when it looks like there is not enough. I will stay dependable to send even more than you have dreamed of–no matter what you are facing. I can do anything and I will satisfy all of your needs continuously with wave after wave of My intentional provisions.


The river of My love flows within you! In fact, I will deliver even more than you hoped! Be confident in what I have proclaimed and I will cause you to fall in love with My promises all over again. 


I want to do the best for you–and of course, I will answer your prayers! Have faith in what you hope to happen and do not even consider a negative outcome. I will compassionately remember My promise, there will be showers of blessings! 


All that you hope will be done and I will not fail to rescue you again.  I’ll do what I promised I’d do–to show you how much you are loved! 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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