Love Letters

Rain on the Way


A love letter from the Father


Relax and rest, I have heard your cries. Even in the place of desperation and pain, I will pour out the blessings of plentiful rain. I will rescue you and shower you with blessings! Your place of emptiness and need will be restored and filled. 


Although it looks like there is nothing there–there is! Celebrate! Rain is on the way. Be expectant and look! For there is the roar of an abundance of rain. I will restore your hope and fill you to the brim. Everything can change in an instant!  


Never doubt what I am capable of. After all, I am famous for great and unexpected acts! There is no end to My surprises. I draw up the water out of the sea and fill the rain clouds like cisterns to spill over.


I am putting things back as good as new and you’ll have all that you need with plenty left over. I am sending more than you thought and everywhere that you look there will be more blessings adding up. 


The water is moving quickly, so get your hopes up! I am setting you up for overnight success. I will restore everything that has been lost and cause you to prosper immensely. 


This is the next level and it will keep getting better and better. Things will get real–real fast as I cause you to receive from My outpour. Keep watching–the rain is coming! There will be a constant flow that never runs out—with every detail executed to perfection. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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