Love Letters

Super Surprise


A love letter from the Father



Beloved, true love stories never end and My favor on your life will never stop. Expect to receive a continuous flow of My ever-loving provisions coming to relieve your troubles–one by one. 


What is your request? My dear one, all you need to do is ask and that is a promise! Believe that I care enough to respond to your sincerity of faith and simple trust. My reward for your sacrifice to believe is more than you can even gather up! 


Pray for what you desire with great faith and a confident mindset. Stand firmly with a committed heart to trust in My kindness. Assume that the request has been granted for you and count on My favor to prevail. 


Make your faith in Me and the promises that I have made the center of your attention. Trust in My promises as you wait and block out every worry of a negative outcome. Have no anxieties about anything else–all of the little things will be added to you in abundance. 


I will do as you have asked and even more will be done. I will rescue you in an unexpected way! Doors will suddenly fly open that no man can deny. This will be a time of indulgent comfort for you to recover and be refreshed. 


Like Christmas in July–a wonderful fulfillment will come to pass when you don’t feel like it will. Just hold on with anticipation of good news–there will be a super surprise coming to help you!





Written by Dannette Lynn

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