Love Letters

View From the Top


A love letter from the Father



The red carpet has been rolled out, as I take you up as My honorable guest. Just relax into My arms and watch how this story plays itself out. The tables have been turned in your favor and no matter what happens, you will end up on top.


I am here to make things easier for you, My beloved. Do not fear anything, My Love will never allow you to fall. I will not in any way fail you, give you up, or leave you without support.


You will not go in reverse or see things get worse. The opposite of your fears is what will be done. Love always grows and this will only get better from here on out.


Do not doubt My intentional love. Just relax your grip on this situation, as you let go and trust. All things are coming together for your good–to be a blessing to you! I am on your side and always here to help. 


The protection of My presence surrounds you at all times–and My power is forever radiating out. You have favor with Me and with man–even your enemies will be revealed as a friend. 


Be expectant to see what you hope! The prayers that you have prayed for so long are coming back around to be fulfilled. Your long-awaited cries for vindication and justice are being paid off. 


There is nothing that you need to do, I have prepared this time with extra special care to show you how much you are favored and loved. Take a seat here in My presence and watch the view from the top! 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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