Love Letters

Complete Trust


A love letter from Jesus


Quiet your fears, My beloved, and rest safely in My arms. I will protect you all throughout the day and shelter you with My love. Calm your breathing and be still, everything will be alright. I will help you again, just like the last time! 


This day is special! It is not a day for crying and despair. I am answering your prayers to cheer you up and put your back on your feet again. I am pouring out buckets of My love to cause the afflicting thorn and cactus to be transformed into a lush oasis. 


Your victory will come from settling down in dependence on Me—and with complete trust. Rest in My support as you give Me all of your worries. Find your inner confidence in My help, like relaxing your tensions to float upon the water. 


If you struggle and panic, then you sink. But when you have total rest and confidence in who I am for you–then you are supported and held up by the water of My love. 


Remain intimately settled in My love and choose to surrender into complete trust. Let My blessings be a pillow for your head. I will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over


Be expecting wonderful things to come and only allow yourself to think about what you hope to be done. I have given you a promise in advance so that you could experience it now with joy and delight.


You can be sure that whatever you ask will be listened to and acted upon! I will satisfy you with unbridled favor and you will be refilled with blessings of My support. So celebrate as if it is already done and let your joy be great. 


You’ll swiftly move from rags to riches and above all, you will be exceedingly blessed and comforted! Abundant rains are starting to fall and you are being replenished, with more than you expect! 


I love you! I love you! And now I am comforting you from all of your worries with plentiful times of rest and recovery. You’ll be blessed with the best there is to offer and filled with good things, above and beyond what you have requested. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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