Love Letters

Your Life is About to Change


A love letter from the Father



Be at ease. Everything is under control and will be alright. Once again, this scene will shift with a surprise plot twist. Loosen the knots in your neck and give your worries to Me. 


I will be all that you ever need! I am lifting away the tension so that you are fully relieved. Spend your days like a child, unafraid and trusting her Papa. You don’t have to worry, I won’t let anything bad happen to you–I’ll protect you with My life. 


When I move, the storm will move with Me to accomplish My words and deliver your blessings. My blessings are replacing the troubling things that have been affecting your life. 


Just rest here a while. Like a sudden cooling of the warm air, I will cause the storm to become still and reveal the majesty of My rescuing love. 


Keep trusting and expecting, as you lay your life in My hands. Don’t worry, you’ll have a happy ending.  Although the enemy attempts to steal, kill, and destroy–I will ensure that you have a vigorous life–overflowing with an abundance! 


It’s time to reap the harvest, are you ready? I am going to make things grow really fast! I have given you an unlimited supply to stockpile diamonds. You have capital from Me and I have given you special favor! Very soon the whole world will see the marvelous things that I am doing! 


Feel like anything is possible! Don’t be doubtful, lift up your eyes to see My help. How much more will I supply to the one who keeps anticipating the best? You are rising up and in your rising others will come to know the boundless provisions of My love. 


I will help you however you need. My defending love is removing your struggle and taking the burdens from your shoulders. Comfort is coming to you as caravans of camels arrive daily to express the magnitude of My personal love. 


The worst is over and things will begin to flow easily. You are coming to the best part, as the sun rises over the shadows of the night. You’ll prosper! You’ll thrive! Your life is about to change in the blink of an eye to bring you into an overnight success! 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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