Love Letters

Sea of Gold

A love letter from the Father



Everything is going to be alright. Take a deep breath and unload all of your worries into My hands. I am here to assist in materializing your dreams. I will raise you up and save you from the discomforts of feeling downcast. 

Dive deeper into faith and have great expectations. I am completely devoted to you! You’ll discover the stability of success and you will not fall back into a life of suffering.  

I will give you a helping hand and an immediate sigh of relief. Surely, you will feast on the abundance of the sea and find success as I place you on top of the world. The reward for your trust will bring unimaginable wealth. 

Fear not, My celebrated one! Be glad and celebrate the great things that are about to happen! Instead of fearing the worst, you will be fascinated by the enormous surplus that your faith has brought to the surface. 

Leave behind your hesitations and believe in all I have said. You will get the opposite of what you dread. After all, I am the One who gives you the power to gain wealth! 

Sail over the scarcity perceptions and plunge into the unending ocean of My loving provisions. I will give you everything in abundance in this time that you need it the most. You will have even more than you expect–to ensure that your confidence never runs out.

Harness the power of faith and leave all of your insecurities behind. Return to your secure place of trusting in My abundant supply. You’ll eat your fill and have plenty left over! I will set you back on your heels in wonder! No longer will you feel embarrassed or despised. 

Give Me your request–I will listen–and make good on My promise to answer your prayers. Just imagine what you will unearth along the flat expanse of the ocean floor that is hidden under darkness. You’ll pronounce it to be and I will make it so–to fill you once again with overflowing confidence and unhindered joy! 

What you had before is being restored, like flowers popping up and re-growing with more and more. The times of hardship revealed your true character and pulled up unfathomable beauty from the inside out. 

Expect something good, as I alleviate your pain and flood you with extra comfort. You’ll only increase from this point–higher and higher–you are going straight up. I am giving you an extra layer of comfort to help you relax a little more. 

Trust My ways with all of your heart as I lead you on a quest of discovering sea gold. I have prepared all that you need in advance and I have hidden away riches in the ocean abyss. You’ll find gold encased in the rocks and undissolved gold along the seafloor. 

I am taking you to find My secret reserve as I provide for you out of a sea of gold. I will show you the abundance of gold suspended in the seawater. You’ll discover the tucked-away riches of the underwater trenches, isolated seamounts, and hydrothermal vents. 

The water is moving, to fill you beyond measure, with gold as plentiful as rock-lined streams. There is more than you could ever imagine–a blessing so big it will be startling! 




Scribed by Dannette Lynn Ward

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