Love Letters

More than Meets the Eye


A love letter from the Father


While you are here in the dark, without a glimmer of help that you can see. I will rescue you and hide you in My favor and miraculous love, once again. Have no fear, I won’t disappoint you! 


Have faith in what you prayed for–if you believe–anything can happen! Hope and anticipate My goodness, like a sunflower turning towards the sun. Imagine My love all around you–everywhere–bringing your prayers to the light of fulfillment.


Drift away into a dream of how you hope things could be. What you see is what will be–there is no good thing that I would deny you. 


Your prayers are in bloom! This is unlike anything that you have ever known. I am honoring your requests and bringing fulfillment to what you hope. The longing of your soul will be satisfied, as your prayers are answered to reveal My gifts of happiness and love. 


Like a sunflower with as many as 2,000 flowers hidden within, there is more for you than what you can see. The prayers that you sow will reap a multiplied blessing of a harvest in heaps. 


You’ll continue to prosper more and more–even better than before! Look with eager expectation for the sunflowers in bloom and indulge in the sweetness of the blackberry bushes blossoming into white. 


I am adorning you in the cascading beauty of your prayers coming true as I personally display My loving-kindness. Your prayers are unfolding beyond the clouds to give you more than you hoped–and more than meets the eye! 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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