Love Letters

You are Expanding!


A love letter from the Father


You don’t need to worry about how to transform your life into what I promised, I will handle that part. Like a woman who first becomes pregnant, sometimes it takes time to seem real in her mind, even though the new life is already growing. 


As her body begins to change, she comes into the awareness that the baby will arrive. The further along she becomes, some movement will occur to confirm the baby’s arrival. She can touch her belly and feel the baby wiggling inside. Just like that, I am increasing signs for you to embrace the assured fulfillment of My promise. 


Even though the situation looks difficult on the outside, your life is changing for the better! Don’t be troubled or afraid about what is down the road, but be ready to see My generous goodness with confidence and hope. 


Pour out all your worries to Me like water, and leave them there, once and for all. Trust Me to care for you with the gentle affections of My deliberate love and kindness.


Focus on the promise within and not the pain of opposition that surrounds you, as the baby fully develops inside. Stretch out with lots of hope–you are going to need extra room for your growing family. 


Hold your new baby in your heart, and imagine that she has already arrived. Cherish the divine guarantee of fulfillment–with exuberant hope!  


As you begin to believe rest in the unchangeable fulfillment, the promise will settle into your heart and mind. You will become strengthened and energized with transformational help to touch and hold the tangible promise. 


Through the personal encounters with My intimate love, you are coming into the richest experience of My presence that you have ever known! Your prayers and hopes have deep roots that are flourishing out and you will prosper more and more–above and beyond! 


The transformation of blessings in your life will continue to expand and flourish from the promise of My love that only grows and grows. Be filled with such excitement! Like finding the first flowers under the snow, let your spirit be lightened with joy and hope!


You have reached a new level and you are expanding into greater dimensions. I am opening up a wide-open space of abundance for you to relax and find comfort. You will have so much stored up–filled with all fullness–and more than you can measure! 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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