Love Letters

Sooner Than You Know


A love letter from the Father



From the surface of this situation, it seems like a storm-tossed ocean in chaos and upheaval. The ocean waves came rolling in with force, crashing in with a fury of troubles that seem so real. 


Although the symptoms that you see are active on the surface, My promise remains unmovable under the waves–no matter the circumstance. The storm may be brewing with threats of violence, but nothing can happen to you.


Don’t be afraid, when you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you. When troubles seem near, I am even closer and ready to help. So why run and hide? You will be rescued from the dangers of death and from the grief-stricken tears of distress. 


I have given you My word and I will not go back on My promise. In times of sickness, I am right beside you— to comfort you and restore you to health–that’s how much you mean to me! 


Be calm and let go of what it looks like and trust in My promises beyond a doubt. It won’t be as bad as you think, nothing can disturb My sovereign words of the infinite depths. Rest and relax as I bathe you in blessings.


I am in your midst to protect you. I will pull you out of the ocean of enemy chaos and it will be like waking out of terrible dreams that were only an illusion. Even in heavy winds and thundering waves, My beauty remains under the waves. 


Look deep underneath the movement of the waves from a place of utter stillness and peace. The effects of the storm may be visible from the top but the deeper you go into resting in My promise, the more peaceful the water becomes. 


My promise is for good and not for bad–never forget that. I will lift you into a wide-open place surrounded by grace and you will stand amazed by the surprises of My love! 


Float beneath the wave as it passes over you and rest peacefully in My power to protect you. The waves of the storm will pass even sooner than you know and it will feel like waking up to discover it was only a bad dream that had no power to hurt you. 


I will cause so much goodness to pass before you as I hold you close to My heart. It will be a dream come true as all pain and sickness disappear by the soothing balm of My love–that’s how much I love you! 


Where troubles and sorrows run deep, the pure stream of My intentional love flows freely to bring you a joyful rescue! As the waves recede, you will be delighted to see the treasures that have been left behind, like finding costly pearls and seashells in the sand. 


Suddenly, My word will be revealed, like a giant grey whale emerging to the surface. You will feel the sheer joy and happiness as the sea opens up to display the wonders of My promise–sooner than you know! 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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