Love Letters

Closer Than It Looks


A love letter from the Father



Get up, My beautiful friend, and look around you–the winter of warfare is coming to an end. When the birds begin to sing their whimsical tunes, it’s a sure sign that spring has arrived. 


Although the prophetic promises that I have foretold appear to be in a far-off distance, the fulfillment is closer than it looks. Like joyful birds that sing through the night, My promises are often heard before they are seen with the eyes. 


Listen to the notes of My song when you cannot see what is next and the worries linger on. Look! Listen! Do you hear them coming? The prophetic dreams that I have proclaimed have arrived to bring fulfillment right to you, like a bird perched beside your window. 


Flowers of My promise are springing up everywhere! Not one thing has been overlooked. I have ensured that every detail is laced with the intentional arrangements of My love. My unfailing love will be your greatest comfort as you see that I have kept My promise all along. 


Don’t be afraid, things will only get better from here, the support of My love never slows or disappears. My promises cling to you–bonded together by loyalty and love. I am always with you to provide an abundance of comfort. 


You will be enormously increased in even greater ways than what I showed you before. I will support you continuously day and night as you comfortably rest–while your wealth grows and grows even more. 


I am putting on a marvelous display of My intentional love for all to see the vows that I made you spring to life! Everything that you have requested will be done as I wrap you tightly in My extra-generous love. 


But he who seeks to do you wrong with destructive plots and misplaced confidence in a web of lies will discover humiliation and ruin. Like a breach in a wall that bulges out and suddenly gives way, his fancy facade will come crashing down in an instant.


Without further notice, the unexpected will happen and My comfort will emerge to lighten your soul with a restorative bliss. Suddenly the fulfillment will show up and take you by surprise and you will see with your own eyes that it was closer than it looked. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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