Love Letters

Sometimes Midnight Comes Early


A love letter from Jesus



Rest your head on My heart as I dry away your tears. Stay in the moment with Me as I comfort you from the onslaught of worries. When all goes dark it can be hard to see how far things are ahead or what will happen next. 


Don’t believe the fears that howl and deceive like empty winds in the night. I am moving through the threatening shadows of fear and dread, like an Isabella butterfly, who emerges at dusk but always before midnight.


You won’t end up suffering, but instead, you are rising into a loving fulfillment. Let out a deep sigh of relief and surrender the distressful feelings. It’s all over because I have stepped in as a Hero to rescue and protect you.  


I am dancing over your fears like a butterfly that flutters from one flower to the next. From promise to promise, I am fulfilling each one.


I am giving you a miracle that is very rare and deeply desired. A promise is being fulfilled before it feels like it is time.  An unforgettable miracle is going to occur! Sometimes midnight comes early–to cause the desires of your heart to break through–and answer a very special prayer request for you! 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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