Love Letters

Better than You Hope



A love letter from the Father



You are in great hands, it helps to have Me on your side. I am making this situation turn out better than you hope, so please don/t cry anymore. Be at peace and let go of those worries a little bit more.  


You don’t need to feel anxious about a terrible outcome, nor resist where this river goes. There is nothing bad that will be done. The roaring waves have no power to drown you and no landslide can take you down from the security of My loving support. 


Who better to go through this than the One who loves you more than you could ever know. Take a deep breath and loosen your shoulders as you rely on My life-saving love. Relax a little more as you unclench your jar and stop struggling against the currents with dread. 


Release yourself from regret, some things were part of the plan. It will all turn out good as the opposite of your fears are done. Stop thinking about what you fear and start telling yourself that everything will be as you hope. 


Getting your mind off of a bad outcome will alleviate the stress and soothe your soul. Surrender into trusting My all-present love and finally put to death the fear, worry, and doubt. Let go of the resistant worries and become weightless as you float completely in My care. 


Believe that your prayers have been answered as you drench yourself in gratitude and joy. Stay positive as you trust and depend on My favor and love. Shine like a diamond to draw the fulfillment out as you concentrate on My promises with all of your heart. 


Recline on My intentional love through the changing tides and ride over the waves with carefree trust. I will cause you to smile from ear to ear with good news. The tangible comfort of My relief will wash through you with an outcome that is better than you hope. 






Written by Dannette Lynn

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