Love Letters

Higher Ground


A love letter from the Father



What you have been praying for may seem so close yet so far away–but the scenery is about to change. A new wrinkle of change has been made and soon you will see what you have prayed come to the surface. 


You have climbed this mountain of faith– and look at how far you have come. Your toil of heart-work to trust has become faith-made-tangible with good results. 


Sometimes you need help to take your mind off of things. Remove the negative thoughts and allow your faith to flow free as you visualize your prayer as accomplished.


Just close your eyes and de-clutter your mind. Take your mind off of what you fear and remember what I have said. Keep your promise in your mind and see where you are with your heart. 


I am all that you need and there is absolutely nothing that My power cannot accomplish. See My love on the frost-covered hills as your teardrops are changed into spectacular diamonds of hopes fulfilled. 


You are about to head down an amazing road and it’s time to be ready for big! You will encounter new freedom as I uncover secret riches from the snow-capped mountain of My promise of unwavering support. 


Very soon life will be easier. You are intertwined with My endless love and there is no trouble that can hinder My unconditional love & unstoppable provisions from pouring out to you! 


Where there was no movement before, the streams of My loving provisions will begin to flow out. You are being re-filled with showers of love to cause blessings to spring up on the mountain fields and hidden resources are being revealed. 


You have found the buried treasure of indulgent stress-relieving therapy and underground resources of bountiful provisions. I am relieving you of the source of tension to give you long-range views from My higher ground of comfortable support. 




Written by Dannette

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