Love Letters

When the Time is Right


A love letter from the Father




Place your promises into My care and let go of trying to make things happen. Like a mother sea turtle with tears streaming down her face as she lays her eggs in the sand and leaves them alone, without being able to protect them from danger. 


Believe in My intentional love again, each detail will work itself out. Protecting you is part of My plan and everything is under control. Don’t worry, you will get every surrender back with love, like a turtle who migrates but always returns back home. 


You don’t need to earn what I promised–just let it be. Take a moment to relax and embrace the bliss of doing nothing. Be thankful that you have it and sink deep into an oasis of peace. More than anything–My promise to you is a state of mind. 


I am protecting your promises and holding your future securely–there is nothing to worry about. I am removing the obstacles in your way and washing away all harm from the past. Your life is changing from war to peace and from ruins to a sparkling transformation.  


Escape your fears and disappear into My love. Working too hard to make things happen can lead to feeling burnt out and can be mentally exhausting. Too much worry and too much sorrow, it’s time to balance things out. Forgive yourself of the regrets and move on. 


Lose sight of how things seem, as you venture back into the ocean of My love. Don’t focus so much on the present problems, but focus on how I promised that they would be. Respond to My promise with absolute trust. Surrender your striving as you rest in Me to fulfill it. 


What I have promised is sure to come–you already have it. By faith, you can have confidence that it is waiting for you—even if you cannot see it yet. Fill your mind thoughts of a beautiful outcome and don’t worry about how it will be done.  


You are in the place that you need to be–surrounded by My grace. Stay in line with Me and follow My lead. Don’t wander ahead too fast but trust that everything is coming together for good. I am watching over My promises to you and making sure that everything turns out perfect.  


You will find that your dreams come true–with an abundance and drenched with favor! See My promises in your heart–as you catch fire into fulfillment. Your life will begin to reflect what I promised. 


The flame of My words within you will catch ablaze and rise up, melting away your troubles from the inside out. The absence from your surrender is firing up the greatest expression of My love that you have ever encountered. 


Be prepared for endless waves of My provisional love. I am always here to provide you with all that you need–and so much more! Settle it in your heart that something wonderful is going to happen. 


I am filling you with more love than you have ever dreamed of! From the farthest places of wandering, those things that I have promised will come back to you fulfilled–like hatchlings that follow the light of the moon to return safely to the ocean–when the time is right. 





Written by Dannette



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