Love Letters

The Beauty of Confidence


A love letter from Jesus



Skip through time and enter the beauty of confidence. Take a deep breath and remember that I am in control, as you are enveloped in an ocean of peace that passes all circumstances. 


 Close your eyes to what you fear and we will be at the place of your heart’s desire in no time. I will never let you down–I’m always on your side. Don’t be afraid, for there is no one to shame you. 


Those fears are only an illusion casting shadows to deceive and they hold no power to ever take place. My eternal love for you is like a rose with built-in protective thorns and a constant source of beauty to keep you safe and to manifest the beauty of your prayers. 


My promise will hold you through the most extreme conditions, as a love that is interlocked to you forever. So now I am promising again to help you be stress-free. Even if the ground beneath your feet started to sway and the atmosphere suddenly changed, My promise of love will endure forever and My words will remain.


 I will not desert you in your time of great need and My love will never fail to produce the desire that you seek. From walking through the lowness of grief, you are rising up into the true freedom of love. 


It will help you to face what you fear, by looking back at all of the times that I helped you before. I will be your defender in the most troubling hour and a shelter for you to rest all of your worries. 


Let’s lighten up the atmosphere as you re-learn how to master your thoughts. Don’t be focused so much on the negative, it is difficult to achieve a desirable outcome with a fearful mindset. Think about what you hope for as you jump forward in time to receive the desired results.  


Cast down every negative thought or imagination of a bad outcome. Nothing bad will happen unless you believe it will. As you change the things that you focus on, you will see the situation changed through the purity of your faith. 


The tangible beauty of your dreams is hidden within. You have to believe to see the dream happen. Stop believing in the foreboding thoughts and those things will never take shape. 


 If you are going to pray for anything–pray for something big! You will prosper in anything that you set your mind to, as beauty pours from the inside out. Love will always find a way as a promise from My heart that is unfailing. 


 Cling to Me as the wind blows. I am a trusted refuge and a good friend to lean on. A sturdy Vine may bend but it will never break. The roots of My love to you reach deeper than the test of time and can hold through any situation. 


The winds that have resisted you are causing the rains of blessings to fall. There is a lot going on beneath the surface! The wind that causes showers of blessings is something that you cannot see because it is moving upwards. 


The warm air of relief is rising up from the lowness to bring the atmosphere to a dewpoint of release. The rains of My love are beginning to flood the drought-stricken ground with an increase and size–above and beyond what you can imagine!


Rest in My promises and you can be sure that whatever you ask will be listened to and fulfilled with four times the love for an unmatched presentation. The pressures that you have felt are being taken away as the air around you begins to change. 


As the warm air rises, it leaves an area of low pressure behind it. Soon you will see a very big difference as My comfort comes quickly to the surface. Make yourself at home in My love as you bubble up with a waterfall of joy from the emergence of My promise. 


I have prepared you in advance of what to expect so that your joy would be full and completely overflowing. My promise of love for you will never change, so let your heart be still. Expect love, love, and more love! 


I will always surprise you, with a love-gift that keeps on giving. As the reality of My promise comes to life–it will leave you speechless. The answer to your prayers will be here before you even know it–as a symbol of My unending love and faithfulness. 





Written by Dannette Lynn


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