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A love letter from the Father



I am here to console the heartache and provide you with much-needed comfort from the miserable situations. Don’t be worried about what will happen next. Lay your heart in My hands and just relax. 


I know you feel better when you can see all of the steps. But just let each moment come along–one thing at a time–without all of the worries. I will take over from here, just sit back and enjoy the ride. 


Trust Me to make things more comfortable. You may not understand how things will fit together at this moment, but soon you will. I will always come through at just the right time. 


I am turning the complicated situations into simple relief and the tormenting pain into a pleasure of joy without the hassle. You can’t avoid what is coming in the future, there is no reason to keep running from what you fear could happen.  


Think about what you hope for–you will get the opposite of what you fear! I will wipe away your tears and the pain that you have been feeling will be no more. You will have a new beginning full of love and relief from your troubles. 


Since you know what I have already promised, you are prepared and you can relax with a smile. Nothing is ever completely lost or shattered. Imagine yourself pain-free as I turn back the hands of time and repair what has been damaged. 


Remember My promise and think about it happening. I will protect you from the rainstorm and cause every situation to come together perfectly. I am lifting you up high above the suffering and placing you in the radiance of your most beloved dreams. 


The sorrows that you have known are passing away. New love is springing up from the bitter anguish with an extra dose of comfort. I have told you what to expect so that you could be flooded with happiness.


Dreaming about the promise that I placed in your heart will help alleviate the pain of this moment. Inhale the joy of anticipation as you think that My promise has already happened. It will be even better now than the moment when you finally taste it. 


I will bless you with the expectations of what you hope—and not suffering. That’s right–I am watching over My word to ensure that it is accomplished. I have gifts hand-picked just for you–with the desires of your heart! 


You are entering into a soul spa of indulgence, like being immersed in the decadence of chocolate-covered strawberries and sweet caramel apples. It will be just like escaping from your troubles and being taken-away into your favorite book. 


I am giving you something special to smile about with all of your favorite things and I will comfort you personally with My loving intentions. I love to see you smile! You may not like unexpected things but you will love this surprise from Me. 





Written by Dannette


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