Love Letters

Everything Will Be Completely Different


A love letter from Jesus


The troubles that you know are changing into something much more enjoyable. Just take a moment to breathe and you will be feeling better. 


Everything will be okay. You don’t have to be afraid, I will stay right here with you. When undesirable things come along, it is the perfect opportunity for Me to show you more of My intentional love. 


An eagle loves it when the storm clouds emerge because he knows that the place of the conflict is the place of the blessing. The chaos of the storm lifts the eagle higher. As he enters the heights far above the clouds, he can rest his wings and be re-energized with strength. 


Like an eagle who is blessed by difficult conditions, I have reserved something extra special to comfort your afflictions. You will forget you were even hurting as you begin to soar and see things from a bird’s eye view. 


This is the beginning of the end as I make all things new. I have a hidden gem for this time to help you think about better things. I am on your side and you can depend on My favor. 


Rest on My promise to you like an eagle who can sleep while standing. His large talons latch onto a branch without needing to be controlled with strenuous effort. Imagine that it has already been done, as My joy wells up to replace the grip of sorrow. 


Dive into a new day as we replace the old with the new. A whole new day might help things work out a little differently. I have already planned ahead to make sure that things are exactly as I promised. 


I will be sure that you get exactly what you hope and I am doing something to make things feel much better. Trust that you have what you hope and don’t worry about it again, just like anticipating the arrival of a newborn baby. 


Things will turn out just as I promised and all of the pain that you have endured will be forgotten. There will be an unavoidable moment when everything will be changed in an instant and before you know it everything will be completely different. 




Written by Dannette

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