Love Letters

The Real Show Begins


A love letter from the Father


Believe it or not, you have already endured the most challenging part. The beginning of this transformation was the hardest, the rest is all downhill. There is no reason to be scared of what will happen next. 


I am wrapped around every detail of your life and holding all things perfectly together. Rest dear heart, all that you need is going to come easy. I am making things effortless by feeding you with the manifestation of your dreams to make your longing a reality. 


You have to move on now, beloved, and begin the new life that I have always promised. Change is in blowing into view to lift you higher than you ever knew. Rest assured–anything and everything wonderful can happen–there are no limits. 


A massive change tends to leave the brain a bit scrambled for a while. I’ll help you carry on. Just don’t be afraid to let go of the pain that you have known. Forget the past and move ahead. Be free from the worries of your mind and close off the negative thoughts of foreboding and dread. 


Rest your defenses as you set yourself free from the heartache and insatiable sadness from where you started. I am moving among the shadows to make your heart skip a beat. I can already see your dream emerging! 


You have entered into a new page, make room for the new as you expand and make space. Forget the trauma of the suffering that you have endured and prepare to be filled with far beyond all that you hope. 


Venture into a creative mindset, and morph into change. You can have confidence and complete assurance to receive whatever you ask if your heart does not convict you and you stay committed to Me first. 


Let your attention rest on the beauty that lies ahead. Follow the dreams of your heart as we move into a pace that is faster than the ocean. It will be you, Me, and the sea of new discoveries! 


Things will change spontaneously as you transition into who you are becoming. Like an octopus that can edit his own genes, everything as you know it is going to be so different. 


There is unrevealed wealth for you now–that I have prepared ahead of time. Like an octopus that bleeds a vibrant blue, I am transforming copper pennies into liquid jewels of ultramarine and azure. 


You will be astounded with a stary-eyed-daze as you see the miracles take place! It will happen all of the sudden, like an octopus encountering a complete body-transformation in just three-tenths of a second. 


This is where things start to look better! Like nodding little flowers being renewed into upright clusters of audacious blooms. Sometimes a dream will come true when you least expect it. A wonderful surprise will take place–as the real show begins! 




Written by Dannette Lynn


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