Love Letters

A Miracle Will Happen


A love letter from the Father



 I will keep your dreams safe and sure, where no vermin can destroy and no thieves can break in and steal. Everything will happen on its own, there is no need to force anything.


While you may expect to see the subtle signs of change along the way, everything is being transformed in the unseen. A dramatic metamorphosis will take place supernaturally, to make your life look like a completely different one. 


The undesirable conditions are falling away, like a molting caterpillar shedding it’s skin. As you are resting in the protective casing of My word, you are being radically changed to match the promises that I have given. 


Before a butterfly can emerge, an internal change must occur. The butterfly grows imaginary cells to make room for the new beauty. After the imaginal cells are present, the old tissues are completely erased. 


As the butterfly releases the old, new wings with alluring features begin to grow and fill into the unseen space where the imaginary discs were present. In order to receive what is new, you need to stop absorbing the pain of the present problems. 


Lose sight of the present and the past troubles and refuse to give focus to the current conditions. Set your attention on the Promise and continue to stay there–as if the fulfillment had already happened. 


As you meditate on My promise, don’t lose hope if nothing seems to be happening. The chrysalis is a resting stage, where a dramatic change is taking place. The body is transforming and the wings are forming underneath the new skin. 


Healing comes from underneath and transformation happens within. Just because you cannot see it yet, does not mean that it has not started to take effect. It is best that you let go of trying to bring it yourself and no longer give attention to the thoughts of despair or doubt. Disturbing a caterpillar in a cocoon can risk harming the whole process. 


Don’t doubt the promised result. My promise will create the exact thing for which it was sent out. Trust the process and surrender into My plan. Trying to control the timing can cause unneeded resistance. Have patience as you believe that I will finish the beautiful intent that I have already started within you. 


See yourself in the end result and resist looking at what it looks like now. I will far surpass your dreams with so much more than you could ever imagine or ask. Expect the unexpected, for you never know when I might surprise you. In the middle of the night–in an abrupt moment–a miracle will happen. 



Written by Dannette Lynn


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