Love Letters

Adding Comfort


A love letter from the Father



It’s time to move into the next chapter. You don’t have to worry about a thing, just sit back and relax as I manage everything. I will soothe you with comfort and provide plenty–to make things easy for you. With added comfort, I am giving you more to look forward to each night and morning. 


Concentrate on being loved as I calm your mind from worries. What you fear happening is untrue–fear is a reversal of love and inconsistent to My promises. I want you to know, there is always hope. I will keep reminding you that you are never forgotten as I show you kindness and love everywhere that you turn.  I will remind you daily that I can be depended on and trusted.


Let’s create a life that you will love–both now and in the future. You can start over again as if the effects of time had never happened. Keep your heart committed and settled. Pray about what you want and thank Me in advance–as you confirm it as done. Prepare to celebrate–because this day is special! 


Write out a prayer and engrave it on your heart and mind. Stay in peaceful confidence as you trust Me to fulfill it. It will surely come and not leave disappointment behind. Like one who looks down from the stars, believe that you have already received your prayers and they will truly be done. 


I am closer than you think. In every aspect, at every view, in everything–realize that I am on your side. I will keep you safe, so close that My shadow is a cooling shade to you. There is no separation from My love and whatever you believe–it can happen! 


There are no boundaries. I am always with you, woven together like the fabric of time and space. My love for you is infinite and My vows to you will never be changed. Expect the best to happen and the best will happen for you, just like objects in space that move in reaction to the presence of matter and energy. 


What you think about and visualize will affect everything. Anything is possible, so let your imagination discover and explore. You have been given favor with God and man–so be on the lookout for good news! Even your enemies will reach out to bless you. 


As stars that appear at night without even trying, I am adding comfort to your life and demonstrations of My loving-kindness. My love moves through everything to help you and I will show up with surprise blessings in the oddest of places! 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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