Love Letters

Surprise Arrival


A love letter from the Father



Relax, it’s going to be okay. I will make your troubles feel like they have vanished as I show up with a surprise arrival of tangible promise. I have you covered! 


I am surprising you with a gift of bloom. Since you have endured so many difficulties and hardships–I am making your experience improved. You will soon feel at ease, as I shelter you from the storm and comfort you from those troubles. 


Do not fear anymore or be in dread about what is next. You have been revived and your freedom restored. The drought is over and I am pouring out even heavier rains of blessings than before.


New is coming–gliding over the horizon. Do not remember the former things or think about the things of the past. You are being nourished and refreshed–like a delicate flower that has been lovingly tended.


Things are different now and you will see that the provisions of My love never run out. I will compensate you for what has been taken–you will always have enough and plenty left over. 


Time is being reversed and it will feel like you are starting life again. All that was stripped and lost will be replaced. My love promise is renewing you with excessive beauty, like the arrow-shaped leaves of the Plumeria flower–resistant to rust and discoloration. 


Get excited! Never again will you be humiliated as before. Everything will go well for you and you will be enriched with sweet nourishment and refreshed with plenty. Blessings are blooming and will keep growing and growing. 


I am fulfilling more promises–like particles of shimmering stars washing onto the shore after you have asked and hoped for better. I love you and that will never change. You can expect more to come–like a plumeria that blooms even when uprooted. 


It will feel like it is too good to be true! You are moving to higher ground and I will give you the delight of comfort restored. Even better is ahead! I am sneaking in with a surprise arrival of fulfillment–just as I promised! 





Written by Dannette

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