Love Letters

Help from Above


A love letter from the Father




Trust My hand and be at peace. Everything will turn out well. Great things are coming to pass. Promises are being fulfilled. One after another–spread out like waves–to become a high wave of intentional love. 


I have made promises to you and I will make it so. If flowing water gets blocked, it will find another way to go. Likewise, I will bring you all that I promised you, even if it comes from unexpected places and new paths. 


I will help you from above, like pure streams trickling down the mountain tops to fill your hands with My government of secret riches and undisclosed reservoirs of tangible support. 


I have gifted you an endless ocean and by My blessing–you will be exalted. The weight is being lifted and the demands are evaporating to give you freedom and rest. 


You will be relieved from the restrictions as My set blessing for you forces you to rise. Justice will flow like a river and I will control the overflow to bring you added comfort. 


If you always knew what was coming, it would take away from the blessing of My surprises. Wait with ease as I open up the hidden things. On the mountain of the Lord, all that you need will be lavishly provided.


Like water running downstream to alleviate the dry season, there will be a rapid and uncontrolled release of impounded provisions, in a place forgotten. The ground above will pour down abundantly, where the stone ground gives up sapphires from her rock and bits of gold from her dirt.


The provisions of My love will stop at nothing until every need is consumed. You will be generously refreshed, as I exceed your expectations–with fullness until you overflow! 


Endless floods are at your fingertips pouring out without effort. The waters of My love are descending and pouring out into new paths to help you from above. Watch for blessings everywhere as I break down the blocked paths of running water. 




Written by Dannette

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