Love Letters

Taken Up


A love letter from Jesus



Do not fear bad things or be anxious about what is coming. I am changing history for you to create a new ending. Your prayers have been heard and your heart understood. The path is changing to be a benefit for us both.


Don’t cry about those fears any longer, I will refresh your life with an oasis of peace to give you good plans with an expected ending. Surrender your worries and the fears of what could be.


Quiet your heart and lay your life down before Me. I will take care of you with extra affection and give you the highest honor with ultimate protection. 


Breathe easy My dear! I have told you My plans so that you could be at peace and joyful. There is hope for your future and your expectations will not be cut off. The vows of My heart will come true every time because My love lingers and covers you all around. 


It will be okay, there is nothing to dread. Because of who I am for you and because of what I have done already–you can depend on what I have said. I am taking you up to see things changed from bad to good. Trust Me to care for you intimately and with elaborate detail.


You are no longer a prisoner of your past or the mistakes that were made. Those days are forgotten and gone–and the slate wiped clean! The past will be rewritten to make a future more beautiful than you could ever dream of yourself. 


You will come out on top–every time! You were destined to rise–it was My plan all along. I will cover all that matters to you and defend your honor. The promises of My love will unfold before your eyes to comfort you from the hardship.


You will never be put to shame. The beginning and the end both come from Me. You shall know without any doubt that I am in your midst to protect and bless you. I am setting things straight. A minor change will swiftly change everything. 


Things will all begin flowing in a very good direction. Because of who I am–it is safe to believe Me. Wander with Me into a dream that you have never dreamed, as we make new memories of love and sweetness.


As the euphoria of the blooming sakura, the fragrance of My love is awakening the night and putting an end to the days of discomfort. 


You are bonded to My lovingkindness and My goodwill rests richly upon you. I have spread out phenomenal provisions for you to counteract every negative. Your needs will all be generously covered as I soothe and comfort you again and again. 


You cannot even fathom the incredible depths of My goodness for you! You will have plenty and be indulgently satisfied. Suddenly, what you have desired will appear, showing up before you even realize that it is near and before you are aware. 


You are being taken up–high above anyplace–that you have ever seen or considered. Like being carried gently by comforting balloons, trust where I take you. See your future in My eyes. I am changing the story in your favor. You can relax now as I carry you into elevated support–far above anything that you have dreamed or thought. 





Written by Dannette



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