Love Letters

Where the Roses Bloom


A love letter from the Father



Darling, don’t be afraid. I have seen your troubles and the unsettling worries. You will always be steady in My support. My love is wrapping around every detail of your life to calm and soothe you from feeling uneasy and anxious. 


You are about to encounter an extra dose of intentional love–as I express My deepest affection–to help you breathe easy. There is so much love yet to be realized. The promises of My love will soon appear, like a canopy of rose petals to care for all of your needs and longings. 


This marks a new day for you, so don’t give in to the fear of falling. Count on My faithfulness! I am pulling out the afflicting thorn to replace it with a decadent rose. I am changing every day into an experience of a love song, from My heart to yours. 


Take courage and remember all of the times that I came to your rescue. Recall over and over the moments of My kindness, when I delivered the answer to your prayers. Decompress your mind and rest your thoughts on a hopeful outcome. 


Sink into My heart as I relieve your tensions. Enter into the deepest surrender you have ever known and refuse to think another doubt again. Let your thoughts be worship to Me as you keep an attitude of confident expectations. You will not be disappointed! 


Some of the richest treasures are hidden at the lowest place, where you come to the end of yourself and the present pain, to trust in My promises. Pour yourself completely into My words, like water that fully yields without control. 


Settle it in your heart and mind–once and for all–to trust in My promise without giving in to worry. Cutaway the ties to negative thoughts and shake away the fear that keeps coming back around. 


No longer receive any discomforting thought. Place every need and worry into My hands and be free from the pressure and demands. Your deepest needs have drawn the even deeper reservoirs of My kindness and help. 


I will hold you up thoroughly by the loving-support of My words. Like the Dead Sea, a water-filled with air, you can float upon My dependable provisions without effort. You are bonded to My love and My words have become your source of unbreakable power. 


Sit back and relax as I raise you up into prosperity and honor. My endless love will protect you and carry you securely. Enjoy the spectacular view, as I take you on an air-ride on the winds of promises fulfilled.


Let your guard down and relax into fulfillment. Celebrate that My promise has already been given. This is how you can know that I will answer your prayers–I have never quit loving you and I never will. 


Allow Me to keep you in absolute peace as you are comforted by My love again and again. From the incredible gift of My heart, I am bestowing you with countless expressions of My love. You will always have more than enough–far exceeding every expectation! 


The promises of My love are enveloping you with the lasting and secure relief of uninterrupted blessings. I will prove to you that I am loyal and true as you lay back and receive all that I have promised you. 


I have covered you, both now and later! This incredible gift from My heart is to experience the endless love and lasting support–where the roses bloom, and bloom, and bloom. 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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