Love Letters

Don’t Look Back


A love letter from the Father



Allow Me to lighten you with the relief of what you can expect from Me. The best days are ahead. I am taking you to the next level and lifting you to the top. You will encounter exceedingly more of My goodness than you have ever thought. 


Your onward days will be blessed beyond the beginning. Keep your eyes ahead and put the past behind you. Don’t look back at what happened– forget the regrets and humiliating memories. 


The Japenese Ashitaba plant, also known as “tomorrow’s leaf”, regenerates leaves that have been cut with rapid growth. Similarly, you will see the sorrows of your past replaced with an overnight fulfillment of prosperity, honor, and beauty. 


Keep your heart open to believe and just receive My oath. If you cling to the love of My words, every day will feel like Christmas. I will not turn back until I have fulfilled every promise to you and transformed your pain into a balm of comfort to soothe the heartache. 


Make a definite choice. Stake it all on My promise to you and let there be no other option in your mind. Stay loyal to your dreams and burn the bridges of disappointment and pain behind you. 


Return to your rest, dear soul, for I will bountifully bless you. I am rescuing your eyes from repeated tears, that you can walk in the wonders of knowing My love intentionally. Yes, I am compassionate about what matters to you the most.  


So I ask you not to lose heart or become despondent through fear. It has not even entered your mind, the excessive amount of affection and honor that I am lavishing upon you. You will be recognized as one who has received the benefits that I have bestowed. 


I chose you for a special purpose, My treasure. I have brought you beyond the hardship so that you would know My love through experience and be filled with My tangible fullness. 


Don’t allow the doubters or those with disapproval in their hearts, keep you from doing all that I have asked. Not everyone can walk on the bare heights where I have called you–I have set you apart. There are some disconnections that will be a benefit and a blessing. 


The lack of loveliness in others will never discount yours. In time they will see the Divine purpose for your life and those who were once against you will become your greatest endorsers. 


Be confident in what I am doing through you! You will not be put to shame. You are a conduit of hope–My true hope! As you carry My heart in yours, you will release hope to those gripped with despair and darkness.  


Watch closely: I am showing you something new– even as I speak–you’re about to see it. You are moving up to occupy a desirably high place. With even greater blessings than before, there will be more than there has ever been. 


You had little before, but you are now increasing significantly since I have determined to bless you in whatever you do. No matter what you do, you will continue to prosper. Every loss is being restored and diamonds will sparkle in the place of shame and hurt.


I alone told you that this would happen. I spoke a promise to you and I am making you known. Before your eyes, the momentum of your rise is happening. You can expect to swell with an increase–more than you expect–and everything coming to you abundantly. 





Written by Dannette

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