Love Letters

Kisses in the Snow



A love letter from Jesus



In the midst of your distress and trouble, I am causing the kisses of My love to manifest with worry-free blessings. Like the snow that absorbs the chaotic sounds, you will be immensely loaded with hidden riches in the very place of warfare. 


Coming at a time that bypasses all understanding, I am overwhelming you with good things. It will be like roses blooming out of season, as My promises of love appear to rescue you from every opposition. 


I will always answer your call, so cast all of your concerns and worries upon Me. Out of My deepest affections, you will see love blossom. The setbacks and delays did not happen to you, but they happened for you so that you would receive a double reward of justice from out of your pain. 


As a rose cannot grow apart from the Vine, it is best that you forget your worries and trust whole-heartedly in Me. Treasure My words, more than life, as you make My promises the only thoughts that you occupy. 


You don’t have to push or stress, just relax and I will do the rest. Even right now–I am refilling your cup again! My faithful love and generous provision will never be stopped. I will always be with you, at all times and everywhere! 


I will reveal to you secret places of wealth that I have tucked away. In the sight of your persecutors, I have spread out a table of luxury for you, to soothe your fears with the engulfing fragrance of My unconditional love–like kisses that melt away the torment. 


What I have promised you has overcome the world and even death. Like a fresh blanket of snow that has settled down, I am turning your world into a wonderland of My tangible love. 


This is My promise to you and I have told you so that My joy would be your joy. I am lifting you up high–far above those who said that you were not speaking from My heart. So that they can see that I have loved and blessed you–all along. 


Make yourself at home in My words as I cause the snow of My favor for you to fall and absorb the soundwaves the curse. You will see more than you ever thought–and you will be amazed–as snowflakes stack up abounding with blessings. 


Like water that becomes stone and hides in the frozen depths, I have hidden provisions for you for this time, so that you could enjoy the riches as a beautiful flower who is Mine. 


You will be introduced to the deepest caverns of My heart, in the vast treasury where snow has been stored. Shimmering with frozen armories, you will discover that there is nothing more fierce than My personal love. 


The intimate harvest of My love blooms forever. I will never cease to fill and refill you with plenty. Expect tangible blessings–and be awaiting the sudden flurries of My gifts that accumulate with more and more than you have hoped or asked. 


I love you, dear one and you can plan on an organic and abundant harvest for this time. Like fragrance that clings to your hands, I am filling you with twice the amount of comfort–and comfort that will last!





Written by Dannette

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