Love Letters

Answer to Prayer


A love letter from the Father. 



Come away to our secret place and dry the tears from your eyes. How long will you agonize over the absence of this longing and over the unfulfilled dream of your heart? What is your request, My beloved one? I’ll give you anything—all you need to do is ask. 


I am enough for all that you need. I will help you, so don’t be afraid. You can access a world of unfathomable possibilities and touch the reality of your dreams. Like liquids that expand when heated, My love is spreading through your circumstances to bring favorable change and My promises to pass. 


What do you see when you dream? Picture it and believe it to be. Let your heart leap as you imagine that I will deliver it too. Fire up your imagination and use your faith to feel like it has been done. Dwell in the answer to your prayer and I will move as a reaction to your child-like trust. 


Come away with Me to a land of faith, hope, and love. I have told you that I will grant your desire so that you could access the gift and be immersed in the joy of receiving it. Oh, child, your joy will be made full and overflowing, as you open your heart to trust that I will fulfill it. 


I am seating you high above what you expect and serving you with a banquet of My intentional love. Don’t worry about how it can be done. Believe that you have received it, and it will be yours! Simply trust in My favor for you and that I will do it. You will radiate into the answered prayer, as one who is deeply loved that I call as My own. 


Believe in what you have prayed for and reject any doubt. There is no fear that will come true. Disregard the negative situations around you and the areas where there appears to be a lack. Draw what you need by faith, as you touch the tangible place of your hopes. 


I will bring fulfillment to the thing that you believe to be true–nothing will be impossible for you! Be flooded with inner peace as you receive and decorate your smile with the joy of relief. Live in the land of unlimited possibilities and soak in My immeasurable love. 


I am bringing you back to encountering plenty and you are moving into the tangible reliefs of My personal love. You will lose the hurt and encounter My wonderful ways, like the whimsical moment of fluffy snowflakes that melt on your lashes.


I am doing something now that you would never believe if I told you. You are reaching into far dimensions of My love that you have never considered or known. Here you will be greatly increased and I will uphold My blessings, just as I promised you. You will see gentle pools of My comfort suddenly appear to wash away the weary discomfort from your journey.


 You are expanding into new terrain that you have only dreamed of and it is more than you think. Everyone will see that I have given you My generous love. Your dreams will come true–and those prayers will be answered just as you asked. So much is going to happen very quickly!  





Written by Dannette


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