Love Letters

Beauty from the Inside Out



A love letter from the Father. 



No longer mourn over the lost things—I am already there–with restoration and the birth of a promise. I made you a promise of what I would do, and nothing can take that from you! My love is unstoppable and My compassion has no limits.


No amount of pain that you have known can compare to the exhilarating heights where you are going. You can smile and laugh with joy because My promise to you has already been given. You don’t need to worry, I will appear with good news just like before!


Let’s refocus. What you focus on is what will spread out and fill your life. Like a flamingo, who is radiant pink because of what she eats–draw out the beauty of My promises from within you. They are already yours and I have filled you with all that you need. With just a little bit of faith, you will see those things bloom and decorate your life, just as I have said. 


Only allow pure, beautiful thoughts of a hopeful outcome–and at all costs–avoid consuming the toxins of negative, doubtful thinking. Stay true to My vows–they will be served to you–just as I spoke them. Bind My words around your fingers and engrave them in your memory through constant believing. 


There is great joy ahead! I will help you and you will always be refilled–with plenty! Expect an abundance and stay trusting Me with a deep and abiding hope. Block out every distraction and refuse to be tempted to follow the thoughts of worry.  


Settle your heart into the peace and harmony of My promises. The reward for your dedicated trust is better than gold. I am adorning your life in riches and honor. Your onward days are surrounded with wealth and justice and whatever you ask for will be done. 


Your new beauty is surfacing from the inside out. You will draw out from within, the beauty that you concentrate on. It will work and with more than you hope. Expect miracles and sudden-surprise blessings to occur at any given moment! 




Written by Dannette 



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