Love Letters

Days of Comfort


A love letter from the Father. 




You are about to experience My comfort from out your grief. I am removing your pain and trading your disappointments for something even better. Your tears have turned to a place of prismatic beauty, just as the rainwater creates intricately folded bands in the breathtaking wonder rock of volcanic rock. 


The pain has been transformed, like the raw wonder of a glossy layered stone that has been bedecked and re-formed under the overlaying pressure. The discomforting delay and inconsolable pain that you have felt has brought forth the most joyful moment yet. 


Rise up out of the thoughts of survival to hope again and believe for things to be much better. Release the anguish and leave it behind you. Break your agreement with the heart-breaking disappointments that have happened. Make a choice to open your heart, to trust that I won’t cause you to revisit it again. 


You are safe from a dreadful reoccurrence. Never again will you know that agony, so wipe away the tears and come back to My words with full expectancy. I know that it is a risk to trust–to be vulnerable means to have courage. 


Surrender all that you worry to Me and give Me your needs–make a list if you have one. Give Me your requests and thank Me in advance. I am watching over all that you need, Myself. You can be sure that I will take care of it all, My generosity exceeds even yours. 


I have singled you out–to faithfully answer your prayers. I have given you free rein, without limitations! You have been crowned with a wreath of victorious approval. I will do just as you have asked–you will be far happier than you would ever guess!


Everything that was delayed and blocked is being released–there are now double blessings instead of those depressing troubles. The pain that you have been feeling will instantly melt away to be replaced with soothing comforts. You will be relieved with good news, as I pour out waterfalls of extra peace and liberation. 


Because of the covenant promise that I made with you, I am sending out a recovery blessing. You are leaving behind the days of dust, to touch the tangibility of My words–mounded up like silver and heaped up as gold–as high as the mountains. 


I have gone ahead to create a shaft of immense light and a gushing wind of refreshing from the hard, and difficult situation. You have reached the waterfall of My heart and I am going to surprise you with secret treasures out of My cavern castle. 


Not only are you recovering what was lost, but you will have it all–and keep getting more! Beyond the alluring rock formations, I am taking you through secret flowing passages of riches and restful streambeds. You are going deeper into an abundance to behold a faith fulfillment. 


There is no end to the immense love that I have for you and I am going to continue to drench you with comfort and intentional provisions. I will personally carve out huge chambers of soul relieving comfort and bring you through winding passages of personally reserved blessings. 





Written by Dannette 


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