Love Letters

Radiant Harvest


A love letter from the Father. 




Do not let your heart be troubled, even though it seems like what you are hoping for has slipped away, like water flowing out of your hands. You will get through this time just fine and everything will be alright–even better than you think. 


Although what you have been waiting for may feel slow in coming, rest assured that you can rest in My timing. Like Komitsu apples that look like they are too ripe for eating–yet look again! They are delectable with the richness of having honey in the middle. 


Sink deep with faith into the river of My abundance–shimmering so pure with breathtaking brilliance. Lean into Me with all of your heart and soul as you release the thing that you have fighting for. Allow Me to take over from here–trust Me to honor My words.


I am sending you twice the love-gifts to cause the beauty of My abundance to stick. So be expecting good news to come forth because you have reached a harvest of radiant rewards. 


Help your harvest by watering your thoughts with hope and confidence and not the worries or fears that choke out the fulfillment. Keep your chin up and don’t give up yet. Stay expecting because the gifts are being delivered, like honey from the nectar of My promise. 


Like sweet honey dripping from the honeycomb, I am taking you to new heights of an easy flowing abundance. I will be your comfort once again as you comfortably rest while your blessings are growing and growing. 


You will never need to fear the scorching heat nor the drought-stricken conditions. No matter what you do, I will ensure that you prosper, like honey apples of My personal love and dedication to be your ever-present Friend. 


A radiant harvest is being released because you have trusted in Me, alone.  I will supply all of the comforts that you desire as you rest peacefully in My words of loving-kindness. 


So now you will know that My words are true and that I know what I am doing. I am delivering good news that will alleviate the torment. Like a tree, firmly planted,  you are filled and supported by My promises of life and you are bursting forth with the delight and luxuriant beauty of a radiant harvest! 




Written by Dannette 




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