Love Letters

Easier Days


A love letter from the Father. 




I have been walking you through past pains to lay a new foundation of easier days. I am pulling out the root problems of deep disappointments and filling holes of depression and broken hopes with new encounters of My intentional love. 



I have exposed the root of your pain to take it away. Your burden is being lifted and you will forget the anguish that you have endured. All is being restored as if the afflicting distress had never occurred. The surface will be smoothed with new freedom to move and fresh confidence in who I am for you alone. 



The damage will be repaired quickly as I expand your life with My generous kindness so that the repeated pain does not happen again. I will cause the fulfillment of My words to bubble up and bond to your days a new pathway for you to walk in continuous blessings.  



The suffering is over and the rainless nights will no longer be felt. Now I am healing your heart from the post-traumatic experiences of suffering and you will no longer hang your head with weeping.  I will always be right there to carry you close in My arms. 



It is time to leave the past because I have made you a new way of easier days. Let go of the days of pain, release yourself from the worries of weight. Move freely without the anxious concerns and leave the pace of fulfillment up to Me.



Pour out everything that makes you afraid or anguished into My care and present your requests with thanksgiving as you believe that I will do as you ask. 



Be filled with above and beyond all that you need as you embrace the newness of an abundant way of life. Everything has come full circle and the troubles have turned for your good. A new ground has been paved for you to walk through with bouquets of blessings and buckets of goodness. 



The pain of holding on to the fear of the past reoccurring is too heartbreaking to bear. So wrap your heart tightly around your hope, knowing that I will always fulfill My words! Lean into your hopes and keep thinking that they will happen. You do not perceive nor can you contain the unsurpassed depths of My ever-personal love.



Swim into the pure waters of faith and refuse to entertain a negative thought again. With alert eagerness be ready to receive the fulfillment of your hopes. You won’t be disappointed or wanting regarding that ongoing trouble again.



Wait expectantly–good news is coming! Your smile will shine from the sheer goodness of My heart. There will be sudden surprises with extra encounters of My unbridled love and double comforts instead of hurting. 



You simply cannot even hold everything that I am generously pouring into your life that has been reserved for this moment in time! It is going to feel like a dream come true. From this day on, you will never again know the pain from where you traveled before.





Written by Dannette



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