Love Letters



A love letter from the Father 



I will do the impossible for you and relieve your suffering. Now row out to the deep water of trust and cast your prayer for an enormous catch. All you have to do is ask and I will grant all that you request. Your prayers will be answered so lavishly that your net will be ready to burst! 


Don’t just wait for a fish to bite, but intensely engage your faith with all of your senses. Sink into your child-like imagination of simply believing. See that that you have it and bubble into thanksgiving. 


With Me on your side like this, what can go wrong? At every moment I am backing up your vulnerability to believe. There is no government on earth or demonic persuasion that can overthrow My loving approval. I have given you an absolute ‘YES’ and I will show up with fulfillment as you step out in trust. 


Move into a position of receiving as you cast the angle. Cast only one time and trust that I will reward your line with the answer. Indeed I will give you a much better gift than any earthly parent! 


Stay committed to your prayer with persistence, determination, and hope. The more that you trust and believe, you will be filled with more and more than you could ever hope. Decide what you want to see happen and stay loyal to the vision. 


Keep insisting that you have the answer to your prayer and it will be given to you. Reach into the deep waters of unlimited possibilities and draw out the anticipated fulfillment. Be inspired by favor as you believe and assume that you have it.


Expect and continue expecting! With energy and enthusiasm, delve into experiencing that your prayer has been answered.  Your faith is what makes your hopes come true. Keep believing and you will see it done just for you!  


Keep your attention anchored in faith and resist looking any other way. Let it happen and don’t jeopardize your catch by being double-minded with unbelieving thoughts. Refuse to go back and forth with doubt and don’t compromise for less than you hope. Instead, hold your line as you expectantly trust and anticipate My generous love. 


I can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams. Imagine it with joyful wonder and dream it up! Pull in the desire and call forth the things that do not exist as if they do. Whatever you receive first by faith– you can keep–no matter the size! 





Written by Dannette

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