Love Letters

Everything Can Change in an Instant


A love letter from Jesus. 




In this dry and weary land with no water in sight, with the sand burning under your feet and the sun blazing upon your face. It has been a time of believing in a promise to materialize from out of plain sight. Your faith has been scolded in the place of refining for gold and all unbelief has been thoroughly pressed out to create the purest oil. 


Although the salty tears have left trails of hopelessness on your skin, I am here with you now as a Comfort-maker and very Best Friend. I will be like an African Baobab tree to give you comfort from the heat and relief from the pressure of your needs.


The African Baobab is also known as ‘the tree of life’ and has an enormous trunk that can hold massive amounts of water–even on the dryest days. Even in extreme droughts, you will always be blessed and prosperous. Do not doubt, the Comforter has come.


You are no longer going to experience the anguish of what you have been through. Your struggle and need have been nailed to the cross. The shame of your pain has been washed away and now you will always be nourished with plenty. All that was lost and diminished is being restored, like the Baobab tree regrowing stripped bark.


Nothing can hurt you now, even in the scorching heat. My promise is your dependable fruit, no matter what the condition. You will be alright. Just breathe deep and let out the worry. Shake off the doubt and put your life in My hands as you extend your roots deeper into trusting Me to care for you personally. 


I’ve got you! I will supply all of your needs out of My unlimited riches and unsurpassable glory. Like the Baobab trees that grow to tremendous sizes, your soul can rest under the bountiful canopy of My loving refuge.  


Everything is not as it appears. What you see at this moment is not what is. When it looks like not enough, there is actually plenty. Like the Baobab ‘upside-down’ tree that grows branches that look like empty roots sticking up, yet the swollen trunk is emerging with refreshing abundance. 


Focus on what you prayed for and prepare to have it. Resist allowing your thoughts to return to the hardship from where you were delivered. Don’t see things through the past or the present. You cannot receive the new with the old mindset. 


Believe without a doubt that your prayer will happen and rivers of flooding comfort will burst out from within you. As you narrow your thoughts in and concentrate on My promises, you will rise up with strength and fulfillment.  


Reach deep into Me as you trust and draw up the waters of My ever-rescuing love. In every season, I promise that you will flourish with plenty–never dry, never failing. Pray to the God of the abundance and trust Me to answer. Soak your thoughts in what you hope for and persistently expect it to emerge.


I have shown you how this will turn out and everything that I have promised is going to be done. Don’t expect to be embarrassed one bit! No one who depends on Me will be disappointed. Keep looking forward to My words and I will cause your delightful satisfaction to expand and pour-over. 


With excitement in your heart and joy on your lips, thank Me now as if it has happened. Your faith has grown more and more, filled with the fruit of righteousness that has ripened from My love. Because you have trusted and believed in My promises, it has been counted to you as excessive favor and unquestionable approval. 


I will increase you now with an early harvest and you will never face the famine of want again. What I am pouring out to you is so great–there is not even enough area to receive it. Things will go easy now, as blessings drip off without effort. My love for you is better than anything in your life and all who know of you will call you ‘blessed’ and ‘adored’.


I am opening up new doors that you have not even asked for and you will receive an unexpected inheritance from My name, as the sweet righteousness that grew by faith. Even the less important provisions will show up before you are ready–prepare for new doors to open quickly. 


Everything can change in an instant. A lot can happen in sudden a moment. Surely you will see an abundance bursting over your needs and more than you can hold all together. I will comfort you in uncontainable ways. Expect the unexpected and stay ready to be amazed!





Written by Dannette



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