Love Letters

While Expecting


A love letter from Jesus




In the birth pangs of waiting, you inwardly sigh and yearn for the fulfillment of My promise.  Knowing it’s going to happen but not knowing when can be very frustrating as you cry out and ache for the deliverance. 


The restless part is the waiting and sometimes that can be a challenging time to be still and trust. Although it is difficult to be stretched in faith, the longer that you wait, the more you will increase and be filled with joyful expectancy.  


Your promise will be delivered and what I have said will be openly revealed. My words to you are your legal proof that it will come. My promise to you is pointing to what you can expect as a wedge cut into a tree that points to the direction that the tree will fall. My words will do just what I said. 


A tree that has been cut down does not fall right away. It takes a little time until you see it hit the ground. Even though you cannot see anything tangible yet, what I have promised you has already been finished and established in the spirit. The waiting does not change the promised outcome.


My promise to you is an unstoppable flame of love that will consume all that stands in its path. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of movement. You need the little pieces of wood to create the coals that keep the flame burning. The longer the wood waits and the more seasoned it is the better it will burn and the bigger the flame. 


I will ensure that every event flows smoothly to give you un-sorrowful childbirth apart from the pain of the fearful afflictions. I have taken your anguish and pain. I have carried your sorrows. You will not receive what you fear because those fears have been undone by My perfect love. 


Many waters cannot quench the promise of My love. Although it has taken a while to get moving, once this baby starts coming there is no stopping the fulfillment. You are being enlarged through the waiting and increased to be filled with plenty. 


Embrace the change from the inside out and let everything you do–even eating, thinking, and rest–be an offering to Me as you expect for the very best. Everything is being made fresh and new, even though you cannot see it. When you give birth to this promise, you will have a new shape and a reflection of remarkable beauty. 


True beauty grows through the emergence of your strength. It takes time to develop patience and purity of heart. Just like the Hebrew women of old, you are lively and vigorous to deliver your baby easily and fast. My timing is perfect and I am holding all things together. 


Like an elegant swan that was once an unsightly duckling, you are being transformed into exquisite beauty. You will soon encounter a deeper experience of healing through the love-awakening birth of My ever-delightful and prosperous plans. Love is visible in the fulfillment and I will answer your expectations. 


Daydream to a new level and imagine the fulfillment. Stay confident and live by faith as you continue to think that you already have it. Never stop believing until you see the promise come to pass. The dream will soon end and you will wake up to the fulfillment. 


There will be no doubt in your mind that I have been with you all along–as what I promised you becomes touchable and held in your arms. It will be too beautiful to describe with words. You will love the fulfillment more than you thought and you will melt with awe when you see how much detail I drew out from the true longings of your heart. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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