Love Letters

Best of Both Worlds



A love letter from Jesus 




Let Me help you forget those troubles and get ready for a turn-around change. Put your hands in Mine and wipe those tears away. Don’t be afraid, I am here. Let Me take those unnecessary burdens and allow those worries to evaporate as you hand them over. 


The burden of struggling for your needs, like the search for water in the desolate wilderness has transformed into the effortless ease of free-flowing water. Take it easy and breathe, those needs that you have are trivial in comparison to how important you are to Me. 


Because I love you, I will answer your prayers and make things extra easy. Yes! You can have the best of both worlds–from Heaven to Earth as you relax on your promise in an atmosphere of unrelenting favor. Recline in My deliberate affections, as I care for you in more ways than one. 


Live out your dreams and don’t worry about anything. Become one with who I am and connect yourself to My promises. Bind your heart to My words and let them be your only truth.


See-through the mysterious depths of My mirrored love-waters. Allow My promises to align with every thought and emotion that you have as My love floods over with an engulfing surge of more than enough. 


Pause and reflect on the vows that I have made and the situation-specific vision that I have given. Like seeing your reflection in the water, focus on My Presence, and use all of your senses to tap into your promise. Use your thoughts to stir up your faith and keep thinking that you already have what you have asked. 


Merge yourself with all that I have promised and make sure to keep that connection. The secret is to see all that I am as an extension of who you are. Make what I have spoken REAL to you as you concentrate on My personal love-rescue.


 You are a conduit of My love and as I speak, My words flourish into fulfillment through your willingness to trust and believe. It is My presence that is in and around you that is the hope and guarantee of realizing this glory–nothing is ever impossible. 


I want you to know that you are leaving behind the exhausting struggle for a lifestyle of abundant comfort. You will have the freedom to pursue your most indulgent dreams and I will use your life to reveal My heart to others in need.


My promise is not just to cover your needs, but you can have rest from the hardship and an abundance that you only need to receive. It is given to you freely and generously, like an impressive entourage and camels delivering you with above and beyond every hope and imagination. 


There is refreshing provision hidden all around you–like the unseen water in the air that you breathe. What you have been praying for is closer than you think! Look and see–My ever-present help is forming out of the thin air. 


Rely on Me and I will lead you to the nourishing comfort that you crave, for we are always better together. I will reveal to you the ancient hidden treasures from mountaintop wonders to oceanside escapes. So wash away the negative thoughts, because I have planned out something extra good.


It will happen, so brace yourself for the remarkable. I will be sure to do all that I have said and revealed.  If you believe Me, bursting waters of life will flow out from within to heal and replenish. There will be more than you expect and I will open up the reservoirs of water in the sky and make the rainy seasons come so that everything you do will be blessed.


I will bring it right to you! You will always be filled with good things and cisterns of plentiful water that are always filled and refilled with the rains of Heaven. I take care of you and that is My vow. I will always look after you throughout every moment. 


Bubbling from the salty dried ground will emerge an instant oasis of comfort and a restful refuge of shade from the heat. My loving provision is overflowing its banks and beginning to flood to you from every direction. 


You will see so much of My goodness because I am blessing everything that you do. All who look upon your life will be in awe of you and that will cause many to come to know Me for themselves. I have chosen you and named you as My own and I will cause secret riches to be unearthed by the generosity of My underground lakes and endless-flowing rivers.  






Written by Dannette Lynn




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