Love Letters

This is Your Breakthrough


A love letter from the Father.



Although you have been heartsick from the delay of hopes coming true and agonized by the tiresome waiting while the pressure builds–picture this! See the victory before it happens, because a massive breakthrough is coming. My love is opening up a way for you and lifting you into a spacious place of relaxed effort and freedom for you to breathe with extra-special grace. 


I am your Support and I will always provide all that you ask for, and better! Believe with faith that you will receive what you have asked. If you ask for a fish, I will not give you a stone. How much more will I give to you–one who delights in My words?


Stay strong in your promise and fix My words over your heart and mind. The fears and worries are not real but lie. Don’t worry about anything, My promise to you has the final say. Relax for a moment and imagine the happy place of a wide-open space. Faith is what makes real the things you hope for. It is proof of what you cannot see or touch. 


I am opening desired doors for you and breaking you through to the relief of your prayers. Not by your effort alone, but your words wrapped in Mine. Believe what you say and declare My words–you’ll see sudden doors open without a fight and an instant approval attached to your name because of My favor. 


Speak what you desire into existence. If you believe that what you say will come to pass then you can most assuredly have it. Touch the treetops with your toes and soar into the open-air of having no limits. Rejoice in the fulfillment of your hopes and thank Me now as if it has happened. 


What you say and think is changing everything and now I am giving you hidden riches that I have stored away in faraway places. Forget those worries and nagging fears. Instead, let your attention dwell on your hopes becoming tangible.


 Everything will turn out perfect and you are going to be just fine. What you are hoping for will find a way, one way or another. There is nothing that can go wrong for you because the LORD is your helper and very best friend, therefore My answer will always be a super enthusiastic YES!


Expect a positive outcome and allow nothing negative in your mind. Let yourself be lifted with thoughts of hope and rise out of the painful situation of dread. Fly forward with unstoppable hope and I will be the force that pushes you through–against all odds! 


Be certain that what you hope for will happen and feel like it has with confident attainment and a stress-relieving sigh. I will save you from what you fear and restore what has been lost and hiding. I will replace those times that you cannot get back and bring back your destiny fortunes.


 I foretold the future to you and I will also bring it to pass. Your tears are going to end and what you have been hoping for is being released. I have always been here for you and I always will be. Expect what you prayed for to appear soon. It is breaking through quickly and coming already. 




Written by Dannette Lynn




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