Love Letters



A love letter from the Father. 



Welcome to a new chapter. You were once hidden in the dirt, like a seed containing the most exquisite fruit. And even while you still hold the remembrance of the smell of the earth, I am picking you up to a great place of esteem and favor.  


You were chosen all along as one of My rare and secret treasures. Those who looked down on you will be turned around as they see you marked with My approval. My tangible glory will reverberate through you and you will draw the broken to know My heart.


While others did not see your value and discarded you as rubble on the ground, they did not realize that you were gold and imparted with a crown. Without grace or compassion, you were once abused, yet they did not know that you were chosen to rise up as an elect of God.


The pain that you have endured was used as soil for you to grow into all that I have created you for. Leap and twirl, despite those who slandered you and twisted your words, because of your pure love for Me. Now you will see the tremendous rewards as you are catapulted into a highly regarded promotion. 


You are not alone. Sit back and relax, I have everything covered. Protecting you is part of My plan. Trust in My goodness and compassionate care. Face your fears and then you will know that you can confidently count on Me to be all that you need and more. My love endures and has no end–My promise to you is forever and ever. 


You cannot change what you have been through and the anguish that you have suffered. But you can rise above the past and leave it all behind you. Vulnerability takes courage to move beyond what you fear. Don’t be afraid, there is no more shame for you. 


Don’t identify yourself with the pain of ashes anymore. Start anew with a new beginning. You are no longer known for suffering, nor do you need to fear living in survival. Don’t give in to the fear of the unknown, you are increasing into the days that you have always longed for. 


So burn up the bridges of the old and shake off the dirt of all that you have known. Use the pain of your past as the new fiery passion of your soul. Remember who you are and leave no place for shame. Enlarge your confidence in the present and future as you eagerly anticipate sudden blessings! 


Beloved and beautiful child, don’t underestimate the wonderful things that I will do for you! It will feel like a dream, as you fill your lungs with your new-found freedom and relief. I have a multitude of surprises in store and hidden riches that you are not prepared for. You will soon forget the former anguish as if it never happened as My everlasting beauty radiates upon your face.


I am pulling you close and raising you up as My very own. Like a shimmering diamond–with beauty and honor–you will no longer be held down. Because you have given Me your trust, you are now being raised to an exceedingly high place. I take great delight in you, My cherished one, and I will be the love that you were never shown.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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