Love Letters



A love letter from the Father. 




Don’t lose hope or be discouraged, even though the waiting time to see your promises come to pass has been more drawn out than you thought. Be ready, because I will do sudden miracles and it won’t be long now. What I promised you has not been forgotten and at any minute the fulfillment can come out. 


Sometimes you have to resist looking back to times of former suffering, in order to be energized and unwavering in faith. The pain of where you have traveled is not where you are now and the future that is coming will be even better than you hope. So don’t throw away your child-like confidence. Your faith was sure when I made you the promise and it is still a sure thing! 


It is no longer acceptable to pay attention to your mistakes, instead, look up and count your immeasurable blessings! I gave the perfect sacrifice for your life and I have forever wiped the slate clean of your offenses–once and for all. There is no longer any blemish on you–not one–how beautiful you are, My lovely one!


Release yourself to thrive on total trust in who I am for you personally and you will end up very happy. Don’t give up just yet, your expectations are coming to fruition. Surrender your heart back to My words and you will be sure to see the completion of your hopes coming true. 


I will always keep My words to you and I will fulfill your most desirable prayers–with abundantly above and beyond. It is not because of what you do that makes the difference, but it is about what you believe. I will meet you at your place of hopeful expectation and I will do for you just as you believe. 


Step into the unknown future and create new possibilities as you trust all the way and depend on My encouraging love. Take another look and reimagine the limitless opportunities of faith. Let’s see how inventive you can be, I have given you full permission to explore and create with Me!


Fasten your thoughts on My promises and keep going with your creative prayers. Stay vulnerable to trust and believe and give Me your sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise. It takes courageous faith to believe that you already have what you asked for. Press past every doubt and indulge in imaging that your prayer has already been done as your heart fills up with a thankful song. 


When you let yourself enter into the gratitude of believing that you have already received, then you are empowered with expectation and faith. Gratitude is the most confident way to approach the throne of overwhelming grace. It is the purest trust in Me to honor your request and fulfill what you are expecting. Who you believe Me to be for you is what changes everything. 


Live as if your promises are fulfilled and think like your prayers have been answered. Enjoy the manifestation before it arrives and let the celebration start now. Your expectations will not be cut off and the rewards for your faith are much more than you could ever imagine. So let’s rise up with daring faith–full of belief and confidence that you have already received and it will be done! 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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