Love Letters

Like Never Before


A love letter from the Father. 




You are about to experience love like never before. Because you have been tormented for so long, it will take practice to relax and be happy. Although you have been constantly tossed by battle storms and lashed by the unkind waves of discomfort, I am giving you rest as My protective and provisional love takes over. 


Your heartache will no longer be present and you will be able to breathe freely again as I lift away the afflicting troubles. You will be relieved with the opposite of what you fear coming true. Indeed by the confidence of your faith, I will do just as you expect Me to do! I am soothing your fears with double the comfort as I capture the tears rolling down your face in My remembrance bottle. Every tear is returning to you as a flowering beauty of your dreams coming true. 


I have placed this battle under your feet and no harm will come to you or your children. You shall be far from affliction and even the thought of oppression will not come near you. No evil nor adversary will confront you. No one will be allowed to hurt you and there will be no dreadful disputes or deceitful injustice. My radiant glory is with you and My vindication for you will be revealed, you can believe it!


Your battle is over and the clouds have lifted. My promise is your freedom to be joyful! You can enjoy it now, just close your eyes and imagine that you have it. Feel the relief from the tension as you burst into thankfulness with healing laughter. Let your eyes sparkle again as you lift your chin to believe it has already begun to manifest. 


Anchor your attention on what you hope to happen and think only of a desirable outcome. Both fear and faith travel by thoughts, so choose to meditate on your blessing. Your hope reaches beyond the pain of fear into the Divine confirmation that guarantees fulfillment. I have spread out a banquet of My goodness for you to indulge in place of the stormy battles.


I have listened to your cries and I have granted you rest on all sides. I will care for everything that is important to you and you will experience My love until your heart overflows. Instead of being tormented with dread, you will experience more love than you have ever known or had. I will continue to pour out My calming love into your life until every fear has been removed and replaced with blessings beyond blessings. 




Written by Dannette Lynn




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