Love Letters


A love letter from the Father. 




Ease your mind and be relieved of your pain. I have no intention of allowing your fear to take place. Instead of going back into less, you are expanding into easier days. Breathe freely and relax with clarity and confidence in the Sovereignty of My good plans. Even in the heaviest winds and abounding waves, you can be fearless to anticipate all of My goodness overflowing to you like a comforting drink. 


I will overwhelm you with My intentional love and My kindness will materialize with an abundance. The pure stream of My heart flows to fill and refill you and it will never be cut off. My loving support and protection for you are unstoppable–tell your soul to be settled. I will give you the joy of seeing your hopes come true, so go ahead and rest with peace and confidence. 


Open your mouth wide with expectancy and I will fill it. Decide boldly what you desire by faith and you will receive. I will ensure the fulfillment of your prayer so that your cup of gladness will be full and brimming over with more. It will be done for you as you believe. Rest easy, I will do the work. All you must do is believe with everything in one accord–your thoughts, feelings, and underlying beliefs.  


Although what you desire does not appear to be seen, it is within and you can draw it out with child-like faith. Keep telling yourself that it has already been done and be enveloped in the sure fulfillment before it happens. Live, move, and rest in My presence with unrestricted access to My inexhaustible love and abundance. 


Your thoughts and emotions need to be in accordance with the outcome that you are asking for. To be fearful or to have to worry is to not be in unison with an attitude of faith. Change your focus on My promises and not your current situations. Resist thinking about what you don’t want to happen and concentrate entirely on the outcome that you are hoping for. 


Think from the answer to your prayer and tap into the joy of fulfillment. Become absorbed in your promise and not in the undesirable problems that cause distractions. Set it in your heart that you already have it and keep believing until it becomes tangible. Take a step of faith and be thankful in advance. Stir yourself up with excitement as you celebrate that it has happened. 


I am comforting you with fresh relief and you are being openly rewarded for your trusting faith. My faithful love and unrelenting protection are constantly filling you, like air to your lungs. Something bigger is about to be revealed and you will see an increase that is far more expansive than you think. Expect abundance in every moment as your cup is refilled and brimming over with something bigger. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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