Love Letters

Expect Fulfillment


A love letter from the Father 




I revealed to you in advance what will happen but some days you just need to be reminded that everything is moving according to the plan and I have not forgotten My words. I am orchestrating every detail of your life to encounter My love and faithfulness–over and over. My promises to you are Sovereign and nothing can ever change that. When I give you a promise–that means that you can expect it to be fulfilled–even if the winds are contrary and you don’t feel like it will ever come. 


Relax your mind from trying to understand and take a deep breath. Exhale out the worries about what is next and stop running your needs through your head. Like a floating lily pad lifted up by the long underwater stalk hidden beneath the water, I am holding you up with the continuous support of My personal love. Don’t be afraid, I have directed your steps and I am keeping you safe in My protection. 


I have set something very special up for you to bring you extra comfort. You will be relieved with an emerging abundance that far surpasses what you have dreamed like an oversized lily pad with love-shaped leaves. The submerged rhizomes of the water lily produce a dense plethora of leaves that can cover vast amounts of the watery surface. Likewise, you do not need to stress or be anxious because I will always care for your needs with magnificence. 


Rest in My words and let the weight of your life sink completely into My hands. The water lily does not need to worry about sustaining itself because it is always resting in the continuous moving streams and ponds of freshwater. My promise is forever and it will constantly supply. Even if the whole world fell apart, My loving vow to you will always hold up. 


Maximize your energy as you anchor your thoughts in My promises like water lilies securely nestled on long buoyant stems. Think big because I am going to show up with even bigger.  The rich oil of My love is causing tremendous doors to suddenly slip open that will not close. Those things that I have already pronounced will unexpectedly unfold and become tangible. 


Water lilies flourish into an abundance by harnessing power from the surface tension by thrusting their leaves above the water to be saturated with the sunlight. Use the pressure of this moment to lift your thoughts with confident faith. Make up your mind and decide that the promise is done already. 


Be determined to believe My words as you rest your mind in the conclusion that you have it. As you think, so it will be. Imagine that you have your promises and expect fulfillment. You will experience more than ever before, like water lilies that flourish into an unruly supply of leaves that spread out into a super-abundance. 





Written by Dannette Lynn




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